Work practice


  • Fill in the form on a PC, print one copy and deliver it to the Office after completing the work practice.
  • The form is to be completed by the student.
  • The form is to be signed by the student and by a representative of the host institution (section 4).
  • Important
  • The form must be completed for each subject separately (e.g. 2 forms for 2 disciplines).


  • Work practice form


Learning outcomes for the subject “Work practice

In terms of knowledge:

E_W07: the graduate knows and understands fundamental dilemmas of modern civilization and the role of science, in particular the student’s discipline, in solving them.

In terms of skills, the graduate:

E_U10: the graduate can plan – in a methodologically correct way – teaching activities and carry them out using modern methods and tools.

In terms of social competences:

E_K02: the graduate follows the ethical principles applicable to his / her scientific work and interpersonal relations; moreover, he or she is ready to build the ethos of the scientific and professional community.

E_K03: the graduate fulfills social obligations as a researcher; initiates activities in the public interest, also through proper dissemination of scientific achievements in society; moreover he / she it is ready to contribute to development of a knowledge-based civil society

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