Postponement of the submission

of the doctoral dissertation


If necessary the student may apply for a postponement of the submission of his / her dissertation (no later than 6 months before the deadline). The following are considered legitimate grounds, which should be documented:

  • Temporary inability to pursue education due to illness;
  • The need to provide personal care for a sick family member;
  • Caring for a child up to 4 years old;
  • Other circumstances that make it impossible or difficult to meet the deadline, in particular related to delays in the implementation of the Individual Study Plan.

The application must come with:

  • An update to the plan with justification for changes;
  • Information about hitherto scientific achievements;
  • Report on the progress of the research until the date of the application;
  • A recommendation from the supervisor(s).


The deadline is set in the Individual Study Plan.

The submission may be postponed for up to 2 years, in accordance with the “Regulations of doctoral schools …” (section 14).

If the dissertation is not submitted on time, the student will be removed from the list of doctoral students.

If the dissertation is submitted ahead of the scheduled graduation date, the student will be paid his / her hitherto received scholarship until the scheduled date but no longer than for 6 months (scholarship paid monthly, up to 48 installments). Students who already have their doctoral degrees are not entitled to scholarship.

The procedure for the award of the doctoral degree is initiated at the request of the applicant.


Application for postponement of the submission of the dissertation

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