Rev. Damian Koper, M.D. His interests and activities around sports were the subject of the Raban program.,88/studio-raban-odcinki,280282/odcinek-285,S01E285,477974

Studying at the Doctoral School of Humanities at UAM is not only time dedicated to scientific research. It’s very important to find time in life not only for work and research, but also to find it for others. I hope that the activities presented by Fr. Damian will be an encouragement to everyone to, while pursuing their passions and interests, also remember the people who are among us.

I encourage you to take a few moments to watch an episode of the Raban program, one of the characters of which is Rev. Damian Koper, M.D. Rev. Damian we congratulate you on your successes and wish your alumni the best in sports.

Remigiusz T. Ciesielski
Director of SDNH UAM


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