School Board Assignments

Pursuant to section 78 of the University’s Statute, the tasks of the School Board include:

1. Giving opinions on the principles of operation of the School;

2. Ensuring high quality of doctoral theses;

3. Consulting the School’s regulations;

4. Ensuring high quality of the recruitment process, in particular consulting the principles and criteria of recruitment;

5. Giving opinions to the Senate on matters related to the teaching of doctoral students, including curricula and qualifications of the School’s teachers;

6. Defining guidelines and rules for preparing Individual Study Plans;

7. Setting rules and criteria for mid-term evaluation in consultation with the Deans and Scientific Councils relevant to the School.

School Board Members

Prof. Rafał Witkowski – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, School of Humanities

Prof. Anna Weronika Brzezińska – acting Director of the Doctoral School of Humanities, Chairwoman of the SDNH Council

Lidia Szutkowska PhD – SDNH Office, Reporter

Prof. Rafał Koschany – Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Prof. Jacek Wierzbicki – Faculty of Archaeology

Prof. Przemysław Matusik – Faculty of History

Rev. Prof. Mieczysław Polak – Faculty of Theology

Prof. Andrzej Rozwadowski – Faculty of Archaeology

Prof. Tomasz Rzepiński – Faculty of Philosophy

Prof. Stanisław Czekalski – Faculty of Art Sciences

Rev. Prof. Andrzej Bohdanowicz – Faculty of Theology

Prof. Karolina M. Cern – Faculty of Philosophy

Prof. Justyna Humięcka-Jakubowska – Faculty of Art Sciences

Prof. Agnieszka Jelewska – Faculty of Anthropology

Professor Violetta Julkowska – Faculty of History

mgr Zuzanna Nalepa – PhD student, representative of the SDNH Local Government

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