It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce that the posters prepared by the Doctoral Students of the School of Humanities were awarded during the work of the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences.

Second prize was awarded to: Mr. Szymon Antosik, M.A. (SDNH UAM) and Ms. Helena Rzepczynska, M.A. (SDNP UAM) – supervisor Ms. Prof. Grazyna Liczbinska for the paper: Did Rich Families Favor Sons? Evidence from the 19th-Century City of Poznan

An honorable mention was awarded to Ms. Taynna Mendonça Marino, MA (SDNH UAM) – supervisor Ms. Prof. Ewa Domanska for the thesis: The Role of Empathy in Contemporary Historical Thinking. A Transcultural and Transspecies Approach.

I am very pleased that the work carried out by the PhD students of our School is highly appreciated by an international group of eminent researchers, and I congratulate you professors very much for your excellent scientific supervision, which was recognized at the most important scientific forum for all historians.

The announcement of the results and presentation of awards took place during the closing ceremony of the Congress, Saturday, August 26, 2022

Robert Frank, Catherine Horel, Taynna Mendonça Marino

Robert Frank, Szymon Antosik, Catherine Horel, Agnieszka Jakuboszczak

Robert Frank, Szymon Antosik, Catherine Horel, Agnieszka Jakuboszczak

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