With a huge success, the Doctoral School of Humanities at UAM ends the academic year 2022/2023. Noticing and appreciation by the chapter of the competition for outstanding young scientists of the achievements and scientific work of the 3rd and 4th year Doctoral students of our School is not only a reason for great joy, but also an indicator that the programs implemented at SDNH are an opportunity for scientific development, which is appreciated by the bodies of experienced researchers who evaluate the quality of scientific work of young scientists. Ms. Ewelina Berdowicz, MA, is conducting her scientific research under the supervision of Mr. Prof. Slawomir Shtajer. The scientific work of Franciszek Krawczyk, MA, is supervised by Mr. Prof. Emanuel Kulczycki. I treat such a high evaluation of the work of the third and fourth year doctoral students not only as an appreciation of the work carried out at SDNH, but also as an example that at SDNH UAM there are conditions for achieving the highest laurels, it is necessary to take advantage of these proposals.
Dear Beneficiaries, Dear Professors I am pleased to have been able to accompany your work and the scientific development of your PhD students, and I believe that the scholarship awarded will have an impact on the development of the academic careers of the naked PhD students of SDNH UAM.

Remigiusz T. Ciesielski
Director of SDNH UAM


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