We are very pleased to announce that all scientific disciplines within which research and education are conducted at SDNH UAM have received very high ratings from both the Commission for the Evaluation of Science and the Minister of Education and Science.

We are especially pleased that all scientific disciplines that received the highest grade of A+ at Adam Mickiewicz University are conducted at the School of Humanities at UAM.


I am very pleased that the achievements of SDNH UAM PhD students who conduct research within archaeology and cultural and religious sciences, which received the highest grade of A+, were noticed by the teams preparing the report that was the basis of the evaluation process. Therefore, I once again congratulate Ms. Ewelina Berdowicz and Ms. Aneta Kuziole, M.A., for their research achievements to date, above all for their scientific publications, which, after the review process, were published in reputable publishing houses and journals.

Scientific achievements of SDNH UAM PhD students included in the evaluation of scientific disciplines of SNH UAM

It is a great joy that the UAM Doctoral School of Humanities, despite its short history, was able to mark its scientific presence in the process of evaluation of scientific activities of disciplines.

prof. UAM Dr Remigiusz T. Ciesielski
Doctoral School of Humanities at UAM

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