We are pleased to announce and invite you to an exhibition of works by a doctoral student of the Doctoral School of Humanities at UAM Mr. Michał Sita, MA.

Michał Sita – History of Poland vol.2
21.09 – 16.11.2023
gallery Place by Place
pl. Strzelecki 14, Wrocław
vernissage: 21.09.2023, Thursday, 7:30 pm
author’s guided tour: 7.10.2023, Saturday, 2:00 pm
finissage and guided tour: 16.11.2023, Thursday, 7:00 pm

curator: Łukasz Rusznica
Organizer: Place by the Place / OPT
The Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan is a partner of the exhibition

“The exhibition “History of Poland vol.2” will present photographs realized by Michal Sita, as part of his anthropological research. The visual narratives are working summaries of the ways in which the past is imagined and used, in the context of the performance “The Eagle and the Cross.”
M. Sita’s first publication “Polish History. Workbook vol. 1” – was created in 2021. It entered into a visual dialogue with representations of the past constructed behind the scenes of the show. This time the photographer-researcher will comment on another theme – participation in the show, as an actor. A small camera mounted on his chest recorded stage events during the performances, taking one photo per second. Recording the show from the perspective of “body-worn cameras” will provide insight into the actor’s embodied interaction with the events of Poland’s imagined past – to some extent, it will be a first-person account of the events of Poland’s national history in which Michal Sita participated.”


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